Modern Green Canada donates $300,000 for vital medical equipment at Richmond Hospital


Seconds count when a patient is experiencing catastrophic blood loss, quickly turning the situation into a matter of life or death. A brand new rapid infuser purchased for Richmond Hospital’s operating rooms quickly and safely pumps life-saving blood into a patient’s body to ensure survival.

A new anaesthetic machine also purchased for the surgical suites has vastly improved patient safety and made a huge impact on how patients feel and recover after surgery. Incorporating a ventilator and patient-monitoring functions to view blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs, this new innovative, state-of-the-art surgical equipment will ensure the highest quality of care.

Early colon cancer screening has become a provincial priority for British Columbia, especially for the needs of our residents over age 50. The purchase of two colonoscopes has increased Richmond Hospital’s patient capacity and efficiency to provide colon cancer screening services, which often detect non-cancerous polyps and colorectal cancer at an early stage, making a huge difference to help save the lives of many people.