Who We Are

Development Philosophy

We believe in creating value for our residents by demanding excellence and setting a standard for exceptional quality seen in our master-planned communities.

Modern Green Canada is a real estate developer based in Vancouver, British Columbia with a commitment to building communities for all generations. Founded in 2010, we believe in creating value for our residents by demanding excellence and setting a standard for exceptional quality seen in our master-planned communities. With a long history of expertise and a reputation for prestigious developments, our team is dedicated to integrity and promises quality that will bring people together.

Vancouver City Hall

Museum of Modern Collections

At Modern Green Canada, we are building a collection of projects inspired by modern ideas, research, and technology that will become part of the history of progressive development around the world. Our icon, MOMC, reminds us that with each project, we are renewing our passion for creating a positive impact in our communities and continuing a proud legacy of innovative and sustainable homes.

Our Vision

Our model for multigenerational community living is an innovative and comprehensive approach that connects people through a balance of building elements, technologies and amenities. When we build for all generations, we are creating “Whole Life Communities” that support people at any stage of life.

Our Concept: Whole Life Communities

The concept of “Whole Life Communities” rests on four fundamental pillars which complete the idea of a thriving neighbourhood, built with exceptional quality that will give our residents everything they could want or need.

We believe that a “Whole Home” is a home for life. Our communities support different life stages and needs, from young adults and families just starting out, to seniors wishing to downsize or seeking amenities and services that promote active lifestyles and keep you in the comforts of your own home.

“Whole Life Communities” are designed to represent a diverse mix of residents who can stay connected in the same neighbourhood throughout the years. Our communities offer a range of residential housing options, and will feature on-site independent and assisted living services for seniors.

Health and wellness are crucial for a full life, lived well. Our homes are designed to provide built-in platforms that support residents’ health. As we grow and age, innovative technology helps “Whole Life” residents and caretakers track and plan routines, as well as set gentle reminders for daily tasks such as meal times, taking medication, or participating in activities.

Modern Green Canada has a mandate for the environment. Our “Whole Life Communities” are planned and designed to encourage low-carbon, low-waste, and high-energy and water efficiencies.

We know that homes are an emotional investment as well as a financial one. Our leadership team has a track record of creating successful, master-planned communities that demand excellence and set a standard for exceptional quality, making a remarkable impact in our communities and cities.

“Whole Life” residents can comfortably grow the value of their assets knowing that they have invested in a community that will thrive for generations.

We Are Committed To Excellence

The Driving Force

The team at Modern Green Canada is led by Raymond K. Li, the driving force behind two of Metro Vancouver’s most successful master-planned communities: Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver and River Green in the City of Richmond. Both developments changed the face of their respective city and are renowned for their spectacular locations, five-star lifestyles, high-quality aesthetics, market success, and scale.

Now, Raymond is bringing his extensive expertise and uncompromising commitment to quality to the new master-planned community that will soon rise at Vancouver’s former Oakridge Transit Centre.

“With the OTC development, we have a rare opportunity to build something significant in Vancouver that balances our values and aspirations with the practical need for market success. We’re confident that our sustainable and multigenerational community will make a positive impact in the city.”

Raymond K. Li, President



We Design For People First

The very best design focuses on how people live and what their needs are ˗ at any stage of life.


We Deliver On Our Promises

When we commit to excellence, it shows in our results – from the quality and integrity of our homes to our market success.


We Build For Positive Impact

Thriving communities offer connection, well-being, and a vibrant lifestyle.


We Invest In Advanced Ideas

Green technologies and progressive urban planning shape our model for multigenerational community living.